April 30, 2008


I wanted to give CG a little inspiration for his day with the RSRNürburg 996 GT3 RS but I could not find a proper video with that exact car so this will have to do. One of our "go to" Porsche video guys is "Sergini" who has been featured here a number of times before. In fact, we posted this very video last year but in crappy YouTube format. Here it is in glorious widescreen for you to enjoy.

So now CG has a target (7:55) which should be easily doable if traffic cooperates. No pressure, just don't end up like this guy!


  1. dude... that doesn't look easily doable!!
    That's one hell of BTG lap at 7:55!!

    My goal is not to be spanked badly by Sabine in the M5.

  2. Spanking seems to be THE thing to ...er, get done to you these days and conveniently, it's already in Germany!
    Call Max foe expert tips!

  3. Sabine beat the hell out of me going around Road America last summer. She and Klaus Abbelen came to the US last summer and spent the weekend with the Badger bimmers. Sabine was my instructor for one session, and spent the entire time slapping my leg and yelling at me in heavily accented english.

    Kind of like what Max Mosley pays for, except at I had my clothes on and was going 130!

  4. I think The Hounder just got the "post of the month" award!


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