April 2, 2008

Dude...It almost ate a Miata.

Stee and the Freep towed the Boxster down to VIR for the NASA Mid-Atlantic races and Track days , hilarity ensued... I'm sure they will come up with a good post to explain that picture.

But in the meantime check out this very cool in-car from the NASA Spec e30 race. You are riding with Mike Skeen, a name you might recognize if you have been following the TV show "Setup".

Great driver and fantastic traffic management around those surprisingly slow Spec 944 cars.
Worth watching the whole 17 minutes and learn a few things!


  1. You can find the high-res version at MikeSkeen.com! Enjoy!

  2. Amazing driving!!

    I couldn't believe the difference in speed between Michael and the other cars!

  3. Hello Mike, welcome to Axis!
    Hounder, the driver of the red e30 is very good too but looked like Skeen pretty much always out braked him. One moment looked quite hairy when he comes upon a very slow and perhaps distracted gray 944 seemingly content to cruise in the middle of the track... Mike's diving pass on the left looked especially impressive I thought.

  4. Great to watch all around, but Mike repeatedly got himself right behind slow traffic at Oak Tree. Letting off a bit earlier and getting more space to accelerate out of the turn would've been the thing to do, from my Monday morning quarterbacking perspective watching the video anyway...



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