April 25, 2008

Ahem... that Porsche 997 update story.

Word of 977 "MkII" upgrades has popped up on a super excellent world renowned web site today. In stores this fall, paddle shifters, direct injection, more power yada yada yada.

Of course you tracktard Axis readers knew all about this LAST NOVEMBER!

Re-Read "Die Luddites, Die!"


  1. Good timing. I just read a copy at the Service shop of the technical specs of 997 MKII and can confirm the following:

    - 385Hp for the 3.8L engine with DFI
    - Mechanical LSD available
    - PDK 7 speed transmision optional
    - Launch control ala GT2 available
    - New PCM with touchscreen
    - ...and many goodies more including bluetooth for those that like Surround sound phone conversations (me no like it...)

    Bascially, extremely tasty!!! Hard not to be tempting to get one of this prior to the next GT3 RS....

  2. an honest to goodness mechanical LSD? you don't say.

    Touchscreen and Bluetooth.....The Stee will go nuts!

  3. The mech LSD has always been an option just not in bluetooth-touchscreen-land USA...

  4. What is a mechanical LSD?

    I keed, I keed.



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