March 3, 2008

Negative lift

Testing at airfields, particularly this one on the island of Menorca, has become quite the rage recently and this time it's BMW-Sauber's turn.    It must be that teams are getting data that cannot be simulated in the wind tunnel or that, somehow, testing away from a sanctioned track does not count towards the testing limits.  Any theories?


  1. Torque from engine leading to small suspension geometry changes that can't be replicated in the tunnel.

    That's my guess :)

  2. And maybe sensitivity to even small bumps?

  3. I guess it's to test suspension and wing dynamics to prevent the sort of failures that have happened at the begginning of the seasons for a couple of years now; plus it must be cheaper to partially rent those lightly used airstrips for straight line testing than a full course F1 track given that they already have all the security equipment required for such use.


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