March 30, 2008

Mclaren to the back of pit lane, Mosley S&M video released...Coincidence?

April Fool's or total coincidence that this article and alleged video of the FIA president's extra curricular activities find their way to that beacon of British journalistic integrity, the News of the World the same day Mclaren is told by the FIA to take its place at the back of pit lane?    Feel free to comment,  this ought to be good comedy!.

The UK press does love their Nazi sympathizers though, ran Jean Marie Balestre's obituary with as the only picture one of the Frenchman in a German uniform...only later adding a second picture that is not over 60 years old.

Anyway,  this bodes well for the 2008 season of "How the F1 World Turns"...

(Thanks to Ben Cooper for the tip!)


  1. The video just screams fake, i cannot fucking believe the number of papers printing this bs before its at all confirmed.

  2. what's the use of being an ecentric millionaire if you can't engage in neo-nazi fantasy bdsm sex games once and awhile! Sheez..what's the world coming to!

  3. reporting this too... i hope its real. LOL

  4. A big UK tabloid would not have gone to press with this if they werent 100% sure it was him, otherwise they would not be in business for much longer having paid MM several millions in compensation! It is real as best as i can tell, and i am told (though i have not seen evedience yet) that he has suggested he will be sueing the paper for invasion of privacy (suggesting he is not denying the allegations) and Bernie has stood by MM...?

    p.s. it was me who sent in the tip

  5. You know...when you're 67 and have 5 hr long sex romps....well, that's impressive in a way!
    I'm just glad we did not have to see Bernie Ecclestone naked!

  6. of course if this IS true, the next question is, who sent in the video? Cough-Ron-Cough

  7. general consensus is that the sting was setup by the paper. It will have just made Rons day, and the mood at Woking a little bit happier this week though for sure. I cant wait for the race buildup on the weekend now. Cue the spanking and whipping one liners!!!


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