March 12, 2008

Formula 1 1950-2007

Three days to go and it's time to remember how we got here and why we get up at stupid hours to watch races we know might often disappoint us...

a great compilation by Antti_K  from Finland,  enjoy.


  1. How cool is John Cooper's little flip?

  2. Very nice editing.

    I still get an odd feeling when I see Schumacher's instant stardom after Ayrtons death. It's unfair but on him but being an Ayrton guy I think it tainted my view of him from there on.

  3. Great editing. Would have been much better without the bad music and with some engine sounds.

  4. Agree on the music, should have been more....mechanical!

  5. I am kinda digging the music. It sets reminiscence tone to the video.

    I am sad that I only began to follow F1 about 4 years ago. When I see the 70's and 80's cars with their tails hanging out it just blows me away.

    So many great drivers I missed seeing live. Senna the foremost of them.

    Thank god for You Tube, I have watched so many video's from days of old and enjoyed them all.

    Thanks for sharing this video.


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