March 28, 2008

Drinking games.

"...Also my water supply did not work properly so I was very, very thirsty and that meant I didn't feel great." Lewis Hamilton.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks more skeptically at the UK based motoring press these days...

Just after the Malaysian Grand Prix, Negative Camber posted a couple of rants up over at Formula 1 Blog about the excuses that the British media were making for Lewis Hamilton after his mediocre showing.

First of all, the media have used the fact that Hamilton was unable to drink water as a convenient explanation of his poor form. It has to be said, the nadir is this headline in The Daily Excess Express: Thirsty work but Lewis shows bottle.

What all of these stories fail to mention is the fact that Robert Kubica was also unable to drink his water because it was too hot. He joked that he might as well put tea in the bottle instead. Additionally, Kubica had been ill all week. All of this didn’t stop him from finishing second in the race.

Not only this, but Fernando Alonso also had a problem with his drink! On the Renault podcast this week they made the same joke about tea. Admittedly, Alonso’s performance was not so stellar either. But it goes to show that this water problem does not make Hamilton as much of a hero as the British press is attempting to make out.

 Golf clap....


  1. Agreed, the Hamilton-do-no-wrongism is ridiculous. The credibility of the F1 British press is a great casualty on all this, specially of guys I used to be a big fan of like Peter Windsor.
    Did you see how he was sucking big time to Ron Dennis!!!? Is he looking forward to be the next team principal at Mclaren, or claim paternity of Lewis!?

  2. You mean Peter Windsor who makes fun of the Italian and Spanish press during race broadcasts and last year said Raikkonen really did not deserve to win even though he had better results than Hamilton? That one?


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