March 18, 2008

6 month internship with ING-Renault F1 team. Time crucial.

I just got this email and I see from the web site that the time to apply is ....well NOW, the deadline is May 15 and that's not exactly much time to come up with something to impress a Formula 1 team!

Sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

Dear Axis of oversteer,

I’m contacting you today because your website is among the first ones related to car industry and Formula One.
Here below is a piece of information that may interest you and the readers of your site.

In partnership with ING Renault F1 Team, Altran just launched the 5th issue of the Altran Engineering Academy.

Like the four young champions who came before, the future winner of the Altran Engineering Academy will join the R&D department of the ING Renault F1 Team in September 2008 for a six-month internship. Before that happens, the winner will go through a rigorous selection process, from submitting an application (deadline: May 15tht) to the Final Presentation on June 30th in Enstone, UK.
Applicants must submit a case study in the realm of Formula 1, then explain how they will conduct their project over the six months.

Candidates can enter from March 3rd till May 15th on the official website at
Applicants must be last-year students or recent graduates of a university or prestigious school specialising in science or technology. To enter the competition, candidates must submit a project, describing in 500 words a technological innovation in one of the following eight Formula 1 disciplines: aerodynamics, power-train, race and test engineering, design and analysis, vehicle dynamics, control systems and electronics, R&D of materials, transducers and test technology.
The winner will be selected from a field of nine finalists from around the world who will present their projects this summer to a jury of experts chaired by Robin Tuluie, the ING Renault F1 Team’s R&D manager, at the team’s Enstone facilities.

For more information (and a whole media kit including press releases, pictures ...), visit

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