February 20, 2008

Vote our tire poll!

we are curious what you run on at the track....  You'll find it in the right hand column.


  1. my track car is my daily hack also, im using yokohama parada spec 2's, which replaced the a549's. Very capable tyre in wet, dry and on track :-D


  2. How about $$$$$ Thats how I make me grip.

  3. I have tried to Yoko line with little satisfaction. I tried the Spec2's after wearing out a set of Falken Azenis on my JCW MINI CooperS and did not like them at all the loss of grip was very noticeable.
    I had a set of Yoko Advan AO322R's on my RX7 and they were VERY disappointing I am now back to Falken Azenis on my 7 and they are just scrubbed in and so far I am liking them a lot.

    I tried a set of Kumho MX's on my Porsche 911 and loved them and would have used them on my RX7 but they did not have the proper size front tire for me.

    All of the above have been tried out in Autcross and track situations but were mostly for street driving.

    For track days I still love Hoosier Slicks. R35 Compound.

  4. I had hear grat things about the Yokohama Advan street tires, I tried a set of 032 soft at the track witht he MCoupe and they were decent tires, the noise they made though....more noise than the engine as I was going down the straights! It was kind of comical.


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