February 5, 2008

Think Speed

With February, at least in the part of the world we live in, comes the recognition that track season is just a few weeks away. Time to make sure your car will at least pass tech, that you have brake pads and tires, maybe time to wash your sweaty helmet and to study videos of the tracks you plan to visit.

It may very well be that this is the year you finally run out of excuses and go to the track. Once there you might find yourself asking why it is your GT3 got passed by that dude in the dodgy looking Honda Civic? Well, chances are that you probably just suck but that would be a natural thing, nothing to be ashamed about.
You can suck less the first time if you are prepared and do your homework. Axis recommends you read Jeff Gabel's Rookie Chronicles. Jeff did a great job summarizing the track day/driving school experience.

Download The Rookie Chronicles Part I
Download The Rookie Chronicles Part II

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