February 3, 2008

F1 Hooligans

It's not really the kind of "development" anyone expected from winter testing. In Spain, a country which only cared about 125cc motorcycle racing up until a few years ago, Alonso fans are risking big with their football style antics in the stands.

In the video below I hear none of the more heavy handed stuff this Autosport article mentions, however there is no doubt that they were not exactly cheering Mclaren and a quick glance at some of the images on this Hamilton hater web site will not renew your faith in human nature.

Without a doubt the UK press will certainly jump right into this one and already there are some rumblings from the FIA. Hysteria sold a lot of newspapers last season and reading some of the diametrically opposed accounts of events in Spanish and British press was certainly entertaining but I hope this is put quietly aside and dealt with on an individual basis.

The Alonso "ultras" have stepped over the line, Lewis Hamilton most certainly does NOT deserve that, nobody does. I'm sure the vast majority of Spanish F1 fans agree.

Oh great, now we have F1 Hooligans from AxisOfOversteer.com on Vimeo.


  1. Spanish F1 fans should be ashamed of such behavior. Not only did Hamilton not deserve that, the great sport of F1 didn't deserve that. It's a crying shame and they just spat in the face of F1 and it's fans.

  2. Yeah, it sucked. It also sucked to have the boss of F1 come out with statements to the effect that Hamilton's skin color was good for business...
    That's racism too.

  3. Is it just me, or did I see some good old irony on the spaniard faces in the video. Meaning, faces in there don't display anger or violence, perhaps its just some name calling from fans, unfortunately including the n word. The tone too. It's more about "ownage" than racism I think.

    Now the FIA is threathening Spains GPs over this... Come on!

  4. Yes, Andres you are right, in goliardic bad taste but this was no violent lynch mob. It is also around Carnival if I'm not mistaken...
    As I was expecting, this is being whipped up by suddenly extremely PC tabloids.

    Spanish fans should stick to making fun of crane incident and leave Lewis' skin out of it.

  5. C'mon... what an exageration. This is nothing more than sarcastic fun and humour. The aXis is far more dangerous than those Spanish "yuppie" hooligans.

    Why can we latins express our feelings publicly to counteract a bit the fact that the Brits own all the F1 related media and control Hamilton-can-do- no-wrong-I'm-God's-messiah message?

  6. Spaniards are degenerate, elitist, women abusing racists.

  7. Its nice to see that the person with the biggest mouth has the smallest balls, and isn't willing to sign their name.

    Thanks anonymous for your additional hateful insight into a culture you are probably not familiar with.

  8. Carnival costume confirmed, read this story
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