January 22, 2008

Major Traqmate software update released today.

Traqmate relesed the latest version of their TrackView software today.

Version 2.05/Video will, among other things, provide you with a theoretical best lap video playback, how cool is that?

Now you will be able to actually SEE how fast you SHOULD have gone over a full lap!!

other features include:
  • Super-hot video dashboard with analog gauges showing Velocity, RPM, G-Meter, Laptimes, and Track Map
  • Improved graph printing, now includes vehicle cursors on the printouts
  • Number of drivers in multi-car playback increased to 8
  • Track Facts display showing information for the current track, including Start/Finish coordinates for easy transfer between Traqmate units
  • Scoreboard tab on segment analysis shows breakdown of each segment by lap and driver. See at a glance who has the best time in Sector 3!
  • Traqview now remembers path to video files and path to Traqmate firmware files
  • Color-coded segment indicators coordinate the Track map and the Distance graphs

Downloads are free for Traqview and Traqview Video Customers.

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