January 24, 2008

Green Light

Freep asked about this a few days back and I saw the question raised on a couple of online forums: why are some cars running a blinking green light?

I looked at the footage I have and I think that it's the F1 equivalent of the "rookie sticker". So far I have seen it on Sebastian Bourdais' STR and on the new Honda when driven by tester Takashi Kogure.

Anyone know for sure?


  1. I have looked all over and cannot see a single reference in any sporting or technical regulations for F1. The whole world seems to be stumped!

  2. Great sound in this clip, also fun to watch without TC

  3. The BMW pictured also had a red X on the back bumper, I know for a fact in most Driver Education programs in he USA we put a prominent X on the back of Novice cars to warn other drivers approaching from the rear to take it easy on them.

    The grouping of that X and the green light on the back of the BMW seems to further establish your theory that the green is a signal for others drivers to be careful around the novice.

  4. I think they went to green because the Italian and South American drivers ignore red lights when they drive

  5. With the night race and all this season, I guess, the cars have a tail light which glows green/red when not braking/braking.

  6. It means that the driver does not have a super-license.


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