January 27, 2008

Full Monte part II: Col de Turini and Super Special Stage

I guess there was some snow after all and on the Col de Turini spectators did their best to make sure that any plowing was all for nothing ....but not everywhere of course, oh no that would be too easy, better to toss snowballs and shovel snow only on blind corners, just to keep drivers on their toes!

Here Mikko Hirvonen deals with it...

The Rally ended with a Super Special stage on the lower part of the Grand Prix circuit, great stuff. Here is Solberg vs Galli, battle of the showboats.

But for some real "Axis of Oversteer" action, check out the Suzuki SX4 of PG Andersson!

Finally...a big oops from Conrad Rautenbach, his second off of the week end, sometimes it's better to "just go home"! (check out the "expert" commentary turn on the German once he stuffs it... from hero to zero in 4.2 secs)

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