January 2, 2008

Ferrari 288 GTO Owners Manual

With just four days left until the official presentation of the 2008 Ferrari F1 car I thought I might dig up something of interest to maniacs like myself...  and no,  Nigel Stepney had nothing to do with this and no, I did not get any calls from Ron Dennis either.... The involvement of any Kinko's photocopy workers will remain redacted from the official report.

Here is the owners manual for one of the greatest Ferrari's ever, the last of the old school classics, the 288 GTO.   
Later, I will have the complete sequence of the Ferrari supercars, the F40, the F50 and the Enzo as well as the 360 Stradale and finally the f430.

It's fascinating to see the inevitable progression from a super thorough manual for the 288GTO where everything from ignition timing to shock absorber calibration is listed, to the more modern car where essentially everything is worked out with a visit to the dealer and a Ferrari diagnostic computer.

In any case, each manual is as fascinating as the car it describes and in each, the true fanatic will find something interesting for the next pub discussion:  did you know the 288 GTO weighed 2557 lbs (1160 kg), output 140.1 HP/liter and had "axle shafts connected to wheels and differential through homocinetic joints"?    I know...I had to look it up too.

(please do not hotlink to the file)

Next up will be the F40

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