January 29, 2008

BMW "Performance" parts catalog

Rumored forever, here it is. BMW, like some of the Japanese manufacturers will offer mostly cosmetic but tasty looking bits for the 1 series that can be dealer installed, under warranty and rolled into the car's payments. They will make make many extremely happy.

Sadly the single coolest thing they offer, a very nice lightweight Sport Seats which rivals Porsche's similar offering will NOT be available in the US market. That steering wheel though, that will be a stunnerz delight: "launch via symbolic traffic light"...weeee!

1addicts.com has all the details and a .pdf of the german brochure.  

(The Freepster informs us you can stroll down to your local BMW shop and pick up one of these brochures, in English, today!)

Some highlights:

BMW Performance braking system
6 piston brake caliper
brake disc is perforated and grooved
-brake discs
-brake caliper (yellow) (not necessary for 135i)

BMW Performance sport suspension
aviable for E81,82,87,90,92
rideheight will be lower than with m-sport suspension
-2x compression leg
-2x shock absorber
-2x anti-roll bar
-rubber bearing for front and rear anti-roll bar
-2x strut support bearing
-4x additional shock-absorber
-small parts (screws...)

BMW Performance alloy rims
weightsaving about 1kg to a same sized rim
18" for E85/86
18" for E81,82,87,88
18" for E46
19" for E90,91,92,93 (except xDrive)

BMW Performance strut brace (carbon fiber)

BMW Performance air intake

BMW Performance exhaust system

BMW short shift kit
reducing shiftling travel by 25%

BMW sports seats
weight ~3kg/seat
can be connected with heated seat controlling
available for 1 series and 3 series (excluding convertibles)
not for US sales!

BMW Performance steering wheel
fitting E9x,E8x
for controlling the display, the steeringwheel is equipped with two buttons hidden under the alcantara
the buttons are located in the area of the thumb rest
the display features the folowing informations:
-stoppwatch race (1/100s), up to 10 interim times,
launch command via symbolic traffic light, reaction timer, maximum speed, top score will be saved automatically
-Quatermile race via symbolic traffic light, times for 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile
-acceleration timer 0-40km/h,0-60km/h,...up to 400 meters
-g-meter (transverse & straight acceleration)
-engine & oil temperature
-shiftlights - 2x5 LEDs

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