December 17, 2007

Race Of Champions

By now you probably know that Matthias Ekström won again beating Schumacher in the final and that Germany won the Nation's Cup. It's always a bit of a hokey event but this year's ROC had a much better track layout and Aston Martins DBS which sounded quite nice.

Schumacher was really itching to win this one, but in the end he had to be saved by Sebastian Vettel in the Nations Cup after stalling his car and was beaten convincingly in the final by Ekström.   Maybe he should have taken some clippers to the fenders off of the sedans so he could keep an eye on his wheels!...

I will not post the final which was actually pretty good but here are a few random races in the different cars, enjoy and be sure to watch the complete show on SpeedTV later in the month.


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  2. Great Vids, we new we could count on you to post these just after the event happened. I also can't wait to watch it on Speed later this month.-Perry

  3. thanks for the vids Axis! you go like stink.

  4. Full version available on :D


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