December 3, 2007

East the hard way

I always have a bit of a hard time convincing people that the Pocono East course is fun. Truth is, Pocono Raceway is not the best facility and the East course is the rattiest looking course there. Tight, lots of gravel off line, East's layout is however very entertaining and has the distinction of being a real handling course, the kind of tight track an Elise or an Exige would love.
We have quite a few videos from there you can look up, but today I have a video sent in from a reader and fellow F1 fan (a Kubica fan to be more specific!) that shows a slightly different prospective.
All I kept thinking looking at Krzystof's video it's gotta hurt when those Pocono East rocks come flying up. I feel for bikers in our area, they really have few options, hopefully for them, the new New Jersey Motorsport Park tracks in south Jersey will be bike friendly. Always better on the track than on the street!

Oh, and check out at the end of the video just how nasty snap oversteer is when you only have two wheels!.

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