December 10, 2007

The 2007 Formula 1 season in 6minutes and 30 seconds

This is truly brilliant editing and producing. If you followed the season you will recognize every moment, every storyline and even get all the in jokes. The music choices on this highlight reel from the 2007 FIA Gala are fantastic and right on target

(unlike the intro music chosen for Kimi's moment to get the trophy..."you're as cold as ice, one day you'll pay the price" Who chose that one, Peter Windsor?)
But the stroke of genius is during the Hungary pit stop montage: check out the Fernando scans though the "radio stations" a short clip of "Anything you can do I can do better" from the Alonso/Hamilton Mercedes commercial from earlier in the year is heard.....Genius.

This one is a keeper. I have changed the video from flash to a downloadable h.264 video (65 megs) which should also stream on many computers. Let me know if you have any problems with it.

"Save as..... 2007 Season highlights"


  1. Kelly Slater?

    What the hell was he doing in there?

  2. There was more footage of Mika than of Kimi in that film. And there was so much footage of Lou-Lou and his daddy that now the images are burnt into my retinas.


  3. Excelent!

    Download linky anytime soon? ;)

  4. Download link coming soon....trying to get it down to a more manageable size and still best quality.

    The original file is 110Megs...!

  5. Great compilation, like the Alo-Ham Hungary edit :-)

  6. Any idea who made it? A link to more videos they made? It's excellent.

  7. I've tried to download this splendid video a few times but only get the audio, are others having more success?

  8. Quicktime should play it. If not, VLC plays pretty much anything.

  9. Quicktime should play it. If not, VLC plays pretty much anything.

  10. Quicktime should play it. If not, VLC plays pretty much anything.

  11. Thanks AC
    In the end downloaded GOM instead (free and smaller) and everything is sweet!
    While on here, any views on the official sites' review, looks rather similar to me? (aus review too?), hope he got paid since FOM took this off youtube.

  12. If you are referring to the video on the official F1 site, I'm pretty sure that's a re-edit of this one. After all this one was an official FIA video used at their year end gala.

    Don't get me started on the "hunt" for F1 videos on youTube. The amount of good will and advertising they get from these short clips is huge and in no way will deter a fan from watching the actual thing, or even buying the year end DVD's... bah.


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