November 7, 2007

Wear and Tear Pt.II

We looked at my cracked wheel recently now lets play video mechanic and diagnose the nasty noise coming from Stee's rear end.....ah...I mean Stee's Boxster rear end on right turns. Feel free to share your theories and we will have the answer tomorrow.

Crunch on the Bumps from Axis on Vimeo.


  1. Hmmm. Not sure... but what's the red light on the dash indicate? The light appears to come on only in the corners, and often preceeds the noise.

  2. That light in the dash is just the airbag light, it's hidden by the steering wheel...except when he's turning right :)

  3. Sounds like tire rubbing from:

    - Previous accident or off.
    - Setting stance to low, particularly on the left side.
    - Too wide tires rubbing on something that's on the left of the car but not the right (Fuel filler tubes?)

    Also the an engine mount could be gone leaving moving parts to rub.

    I suspect no broken suspension parts as cause, because Stee is not correcting for braking nor acceleration.

  4. Getting warmer....but not quite it. It's not tire rub.

  5. My first guess would be tire rub, but you ruled that one out.

    My second guess would be engine mount , but that usually sounds more like an on/off clunk than a rub.

    My third guess would be the exhaust or a low hanging body part rubbing against the ground.

  6. The on-off clunk had me fooled too and the "Clunk on the bumps" is a bit misleading, in fact this noise was there bumps or no bumps when the left side of the car was under load.
    The noise it's making is not one I had ever associated with this particular part failing.... (hint)


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