November 6, 2007

Quick F1 update: Fernando's Package ad Schumi's Axis.

As F1 addicts I'm sure you already know that, perhaps as a comeback to some delirious corners of the motoring press, good old Michael Schumacher will get first crack at finding the correct "axis of oversteer" on the new 2008 spec Ferrari F1, now minus traction control.

I'll have to go back and research this but I believe that neither Raikkonen nor Massa have ever driven an F1 car without TC. Having Schumi set a baseline should be quite useful for Ferrari.

Maybe Mclaren will pick up the idea and have the freshly retired Mika Hakkinen do the same for them.

The other bit of news is that Spanish sponsors have apparently put together a €62M package to have Fernando Alonso land at Renault. Movistar, Mutua MadrileƱa and BBVA (banking) would pay for Alonso's salary. One problem with this scenario is that the main title sponsor of Renault is ING, another banking concern which might not accept having Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria on board.
Theoretically, Alonso should decide by the end of the day today (Tuesday) if to sign with the French team. Stay tuned.


  1. Traction control was allowed starting at the 2001 Spanish GP which means Kimi has driven 4 F1 races without TC.

  2. Wasn't then when FIA realized that TC was being managed through the ECU instead of by mechanical ways and they could do nothing to stop it? So, Kimi did race 4 races without TC, but in reality he did have TC.

  3. i would agree with Andres!

    as for Alonso I hope he is signing two contracts. €31M/yr seems right for 2008-2009 and then he should go to Ferrari!

  4. Andres is right..the FIA basically gave up trying to control it. I'm sure the engineers will come up with a clever way to get around even the common ECU hurdle ...


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