November 20, 2007

Fxx Evoluzione

You KNOW the only reason you have not purchased an FXX is because you were waiting for the "Evoluzione" package!...

This new tuning option developed using the data gathered by the customers-testdrivers cut a whole 2 seconds from the lap time at Fiorano to 1:16sec. Want tasty? The 6.3L v12 now develops 860Hp at 9500rpm, 1000rpm more than the before. The shift time has been cut by 20 ms to 60.

A new diffuser and rear wings add more downforce on the rear of the car and a claimed 25% improved efficiency. A new 9 way traction control system has been added, apparently the need for more sophisticated system settings emerged from ahem, ...test driver needs.

Finally, telemetry channels for brake pressure and steering angle were added along with the possibility to install two additional video cameras for added rear visibility without sacrificing aero efficiency with rear view mirrors!

Well, while you are saving your pennies, let's have a listen to the old, slow FXX!

This quick video from Luke.Duke is from their awesome track day at Rijeka in Croatia this past week end. Turn up your speakers.

Note: this is number 28, one of only two black FXX made. The other, number 30 without a stripe, is owned by Michael Schumacher.

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