October 10, 2007

Why the Axis likes Kimi...

Because he actually drinks more of the champagne than he sprays.

Bernie may not like him because he is not the PR dreamboat others have trained year to be but the Finn does something better than anyone else in the F1 field: shut up and drive. Kimi has won five races so far this year, Hamilton four, Alonso four. Going into Brazil there is the very real possibility that the man who won six of the seventeen races will not be World Champion, perhaps it's time to rethink the scoring system again.
Axis prediction for Brazil, Alonso and Hamilton will take each other out and Raikkonen will be 2007 Partier of the Year!


  1. Kimi is freaking cool in my book for the stunt he pulled last winter with the snowmobile race - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/sport/motorsport.html?in_article_id=442090&in_page_id=1954

    And who could forget this gem - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ticqeemQM

    Say what you like - he's far from eloquent, but the guy has more character than most everyone else on the grid.

  2. Agreed.... now with JPM gone from F1, he is probably the last of the real racing drivers...

    Get the work done on the track on race day... no need to hide behind Bernie's and Ron' kilt...

  3. Speaking of PR exercises... this one is pretty calculating:


    "Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team driver Lewis Hamilton is planning to visit the grave of F1 legend Ayrton Senna after the final race of the season, the Brazilian Grand Prix. Hamilton is planning visit the Morumbi cemetery to pay tribute to his childhood hero.
    Hamilton said: "That’s definitely something I’d like to do. I’m sure I’ll find it emotional and moving to go there. I’ve not thought about going to see his grave but I will think about visiting after the race. Its’ important I have a clear mind going into the race weekend and that would be too emotional to do before the race. I have time as I can stay a couple of days in Brazil after the race."

    Sure, Ayrton is Ayrton but Kimi would just go off and have a good quiet shit to make sure he had a light car at the start!

  4. I sure hope Kimi win the champ this year! and I too agree, after JPM left F1, Kimi is my only favorite driver on the grid now.


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