October 4, 2007

Vettel got a bad rap

Sebastian Vettel got seriously ripped into by Mark Webber (and Scott Speed fans) for running into the back of the australian last Sunday but I'm not sure he is at fault. TV pictures were not clear but look at this amateur video from YouTube Japan:

Hamilton does a weid lurch to the right and almost stops. Webber almost passes him and when he realizes his mistake, lifts. Vettel, directly behind in the spray can do nothing but run into him...

UPDATE! I posted the video below late last night, this morning I wake up to headlines of "Hamilton under investigation"! Seems this youTube Video came into the hands of FIA stewards who are asking the same questions our readers asked about Hamilton's odd driving behind the Safety Car. Axis of Oversteer was on pole position for this one!

Hmmm.... Fair use...



  1. Yeah, that looked more like Hamilton's fault than Vettel's.

    Why in the world did the Fuji cameras not catch this in the first place? And Alonso's crash? And the Massa/Kubica duel at the end? Shoddy work...

  2. F1 management can claim Copyright on a home video?

    How about fair use? It was under 30 sec and it is certainly newsworthy....

    Lame, lame lame.

  3. Now that I've seen the vid (thanks AC), I think Hamilton almost accidentally passed the Safety Car which was still accelerating. I think Webber saw Hamilton accelerate and did the same, then as they were both slowing down, Vettel did what you said he did. If anything, Lewis started a chain reaction by almost blowing past the SC in a downpour.

  4. its now reported that both hamilton and vettel will face no penalty in china! bazaar stuff

  5. Schumacher would have gotten the penalty...


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