October 7, 2007


Was it Murray Walker who said that if anything can happen in Formula 1, it will? For sure the organizers of the Brazilian GP will be lighting candles to the Aparecida and Bernie reaching for his antacid while smiling at the same time. If it's easy to forget Lewis Hamilton is a rookie, he sure reminded everyone of that today when he threw away clinching the championship in the silliest of ways, racing for a position he did not have to hold.

But while this is the headline, to me the most extraordinary statement came from Ron Dennis:
"The problem was rain and his (Hamilton's) tyres were in the worst condition. But we weren't at all fazed about Kimi. We weren't racing Kimi, we were basically racing Fernando."Kimi winning and Lewis coming second was adequate. It just didn't quite work out that way." (via autosport)
So perhaps Hamilton is not fully to blame here if the Mclaren team was actively trying to beat their own driver? For sure this must mean Alonso is not going to be in Silver and black next year...but imagine if Hamilton makes another mistake in Brazil?

What a season!

PS: How funny is the commentator's attempt to blame Hamilton's off on his being "unsighted" by the car in front?


  1. Good stuff, AC. Ron Dennis has made a number of really interesting statements this year. Each of his statements has dug a deeper hole of mystery with regard to where his head is at!

  2. Oh, and the "unsighted" remark was purely absurd.

  3. It has been a while since I've been so happy with the outcome of an F1 race.
    It was prceless, to think about the ulcers in Ron's, Max's and Bernies' stomachs burning a deeper hole when they saw their new puppet superstar beach the car entering the pits.

    Even if Lewis gets the championship in Brazil, he doesn't deserve it. Cheater car from cheater team who disadvantages his team mates car.
    Kimi has won more GPs this year thant anyone. He is well due for his first WDC.
    If Fernando wins, he deserves it too. Better driver than Lewis and driving the slower car in the team. His only flaw is that he didn't attend the Ron & Bernie School of BS PR and other back-stabbing but media friendly strategies.... (yes the one that MS created)

  4. So the latest rumor is that Ron told Fernando that for $50M would let him out of his contract!!

  5. Alonso (or his new employer) has to pay McLaren to get out of his contract.
    McLaren can continue to pay Alonso but they can even choose to sideline him! (I assumme there must be a penalty for that in the contract), tht's why there's speculation towards Alonso sitting down 2008.
    That's just Sad...

    All for the interest of Bernie et al of making up the new King of F1 be a PR Prince.

  6. cg, look for that story in "la marca" ...report back:)


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