October 3, 2007

The mother of all F1 rumors.

OK, I'm only repeating this rather vague theory from Racingworld.it. It goes as follows:

In 2008 Mclaren and Mercedes will split, or more precisely in some kind of amicable accord, Ron Dennis and Mercedes and Mclaren would split. Mclaren would become the official Mercedes team and Dennis would somehow end up at ProDrive. Alonso would stay at the new "all German" Mercedes team while MiniMe would follow Dennis to the new team along with a fat new contract if he earns the WDC...

Problem: Prodrive is Dave Richard's baby just like Mclaren is Dennis'. Two hyper-strong successful leaders will surely clash.

On the other hand, Mercedes may be considering the bad PR fallout from the Mclaren spy story scandal wanting to both protect its investment and have a 100% Mercedes team as the other major players have (BMW, Renault, FIAT, Honda, Toyota).


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