October 31, 2007

McRae rally plates stolen

Check your eBay and collector auctions, someone had the nerve to swipe two Rally plates signed by the WRC Champion from this past week ends Ferrari at Mugello celebration.

Pirelli, a sponsor of the event and the single tire supplier for WRC next year, had as part of their display the two plates, one from Pirelli's 100th WRC victory and one from the 1997 Safari Rally which was dominated by Colin McRae.

The plates are personally owned by Fiorenzo Brivio, for years a Pirelli WRC man and are obviously of great sentimental value. There is a reward for their return and Mr. Brivio wants them back desperately enough to give his cell phone number on the internet, he can be contacted at +39 335 632-2185.

(from Racingworld.it)

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