October 27, 2007

Has Michael Schumacher become a Buddhist?

Of course anyone can buy a Lohan Mala bracelet for $14 at Feng Shui Emporium but then again, Zen meditation is the only thing I can think of that might help someone go from driving a Ferrari F1 car on the world's fastest circuits to the lecture speaker circuit... Certainly Schumi had a Zen master's concentration and dedication to the singular task of winning when he was in the game.

Ironic but Jacques Villeneuve's bitchy comments about how Schumacher would be quickly forgotten did come true. Nobody is talking very much about the seven time world champion because, well... for one he's retired but also because most journalist are too busy declaring Lewis Hamilton the single greatest talent that ever existed in the history of man. Curious too because one the main gripes those same people had against Schumacher is that he was so hyped and could essentially do no wrong. Schumacher of course had the results to back it up and also took up the challenge of going from a winning team to one that was a disaster where he was the catalyst for an amazing turnaround. That we were relentlessly asked to put Hamilton on the same level or beyond, out of the box, is probably the main reason why so many people who had been so excited by the rookie turned from him in the second part of the season...

Speaking of creepy, CG dug up this video of Ron Dennis trying to poach a young Schumacher from Renault. As their conversation winds down he offers some words of caution to the future champion, fatherly advice or attempt at psyching out a young driver who just turned him down? Discuss...


  1. Holy cow; amazing find on the Dennis video!!!!!

  2. I personally found it to be pretty fatherly. There was nothing to me that screamed "psych-out", but I suppose it could be seen in those terms. Once again we hit the inevitable brick wall that appears when we try to determine the motives of another, Dennis in this case. :)


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