October 18, 2007

Barrichello and Brazil

You have to feel for RubiƱo, his bad luck in his home Grand Prix is legendary. Something always happened to him and to top it off after all those years at Ferrari, Felipe Massa wins it on his first try ....ouch! If that was not enough, this year Lewis Hamilton made a blatant play for Brazilian sympathy by having the McLaren PR department draught a press release about his planned "personal moment" visiting Senna's grave, blah!

"Hamilton to make emotional visit to Senna's grave"

Update: ...visit now called off.

Barrichello organizes kart races for charity and in this clip we see him at a kart track having fun with children. I can imagine that in the USA he would have been immediately tarred and feathered and had his picture next to Britney Spears for endangering the safety of a child! What would Johan say?? (in joke for Axis tracktards...)

OMG...the children, the children! from FUROBOT on Vimeo.

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