September 8, 2007

Oh, Snap!

Wow...Kimi gave half of Italy a heart attack this morning in the final practice session for the Italian Grand Prix. For sure that marshal standing a little too close to the wall will remember this moment! Yikes.

The Italian GP will be on SpeedTV Sunday starting at 7:30AM EST.

Update: Alex Wurtz comment on Kimi's accident was priceless: "He bumped his head....I'm not sure there is anything in there to bump but..."
Kimi said the car hit a bump and shot sideways. There is a bump, or more correctly a dip and the car hits it right before snapping right but it's not like it just appeared on that lap... likely something broke in the rear suspension or even more simply it's an illustration of how difficult the cars are to drive on the absolute edge.


  1. I didn't see that on TV - what happened to cause it? Suspension break?

    That marshall was still standing there - and even popping himself beyond the wall to wave the odd flag!

    Or at least 'a' marshall was.

  2. I would agree...something in the back broke


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