September 13, 2007

Holy Smoke!

Let's take a break from the depressing Formula 1 debacle, here is an entertaining video by the guys at Autocar: the 10 best drivers cars of 2007.

There are some odd choices included in the test (and yes I cut one of them out as just too boring) but that's cool enough, after having briefly driven a Mercedes C350 Sport I do agree that it's quite a nice handling car.

The conclusions leave me a little perplexed, sure 4WD is easier in the rain but to conclude that the 997 is "C-R-A-P" on a wet track says more about your driving "usefulness" than the car. Stee and I were both schooled by CG driving at Watkins Glen in the wet on shaved Toyo RA1... we could not keep up with his 997S at all, especially coming out of corners.

The cars in the test are
  • Mercedes Benz SLK55 Black
  • Ford Mondeo (that's the one I spared you)
  • Mercedes Benz C350
  • BMW M3 (e92, V8)
  • Porsche Cayman S
  • Lamborghini LP640
  • Porsche 997 GT3
  • Lotus 2-eleven
  • Audi R8
Hey, in the end, it is just a bunch of guys talking cars at the bar like many of us would and the trashing of the SLK55 black is pretty funny. It's all good and Chris Harris has just the right amount of entertaining smugness while still convincing you he is still an actual car guy, not a pod.

Finally, say what you will about the new e92 M3, but without those magnificent, Wagnerian tire smoking powerslides you would have had no video here!

(ps they made a mistake on the graphics at the end...the MB c350 did NOT, repeat did not come in 3rd in wet track times, it's good but it's not THAT good!)


  1. Actually the C-Class Benz is not a 350 Sport but rather the C 300 Luxury. Notice the grill and the 4 spoke stearing wheel. And another thing; they left the car in "C" (comfort) mode while running around in the track not allowing the engine to go to it's full potential.

  2. You are correct, the 350 Sport is what I recently drove at a MB event is and has a 3 spoke steering wheel.


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