September 19, 2007

Fuji and the another year of chaos

I posted this clip before but I wanted to re-propose it in light if this year's legal hoopla.

1976 is regarded by many as the year when global media really took notice of Formula 1, ironically because of the incredible political controversy surrounding that championship and, you guessed it, Mclaren and Ferrari. There was everything thrown in, disqualifications, reversals, near death and further disqualifications and even Hunt's wife leaving him for Richard Burton... the media loved it and nothing has quite been the same since. All I can say is that this year, when many worried that Schumacher's retirement would hurt ratings, Bernie Ecclestone's words to Peter Windsor recently on the grid sound familiar "It's all good for business".

The 1976 season was decided on the Fuji circuit in Japan under appalling weather and safety conditions (now we have paved runoff, back then they seemed to favor grass bordered by guard rails!).

The first clip is a wrap up of the season leading to the final race, the second, the first two laps to get a look at the circuit, and finally a priceless snippet of the post race interview with Hunt. Enjoy the rare look and that amazing tie-shirt combo on the host and don't miss Hunt getting his head drilled at the beginning of the second clip...ah those high tech days!

Caution volume very loud on these clips!

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