September 2, 2007

3/10th: the closest rally finish ever.

First day Grönholm was up, then Loeb caught up and passed on day two. Then on day three they swapped back an forth and it all came down to the the final "special" stage. Think about it, 3 days, 3 tenths...hang on, I thought WRC was supposed to be boring!

Great pictures from New Zealand TV and the commentary is amusing... at least one of them must be named Bret.


  1. just amazing stuff-thanks for posting--
    car control for a superior species of driver--
    Speed Channel are a bunch of mega-weenies for not carrying WRC anymore-

    thanks for a great site

  2. I agree that it's nuts WRC has no official coverage in the US...

    but then there are so many episodes of Pinks and so little time ! :O)


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