August 1, 2007

You can't pass in Hungary.

Can we celebrate Nelson Piquet losing his license and this week end's Hungarian Grand Prix all in one post?

As you may have read, Brazilian authorities are so fed up with Nelson's road antics that they they confiscated his license...and that of his apparently equally hooliganistic wife for good measure.

Story Here (thanks Jeff Gabel!)

Nelson Piquet having a friendly word with Elizeo Salazar at the 1982 German GP.

So ol' Nelson will have to go to traffic school ...and maybe he will offer other students tips on how to negotiate Brazilian traffic like he did in 1986 at the Hungaroring with a classic pass on Ayrton Senna, one of the most amazing ever.

It's a repost, no matter, I never get tired of watching it.

I remember people complained that nobody passed in F1 then too, Piquet never got that memo.


  1. OH for some sideways action like that on Sunday!!
    AWESOME sight to see from an F1 car.


  2. I hope Kimi and Fernando also forgot to read that memo because I bet Lewis Hamilton has watched this clip 2 million times!


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