August 17, 2007

Spare a kind thought..

Let's pause for a second and have a kind thought for the unglamorous end of the F1 grid... These poor saps usually get written off and serve as comic relief for the broadcast color commentators (anyone remember "Johnny Carwash*"?). OK sure, they may not be the very best but what they have to work with is no Mclaren. At times, just holding the car on the road is victory for these guys.

Here is a qualifying lap with Adrian Sutil in the Spyker-Ferrari at the Hungaroring. The car is just a disaster, it understeers then is oversteers, it's nervous over the curbs....nasty...Contrast with Alonso's clip, a different universe. You can have both clips running at once and the difference is just feel bad for Sutil.

On a track where the fastest time is achieved by diving to the apex early and hugging the shortest path, poor Sutil must dream of actually being able to hold his car on line, any line!

* Giovanni Lavaggi


  1. Well, that's the difference $200 million a year make...

    Thanks, I have a new found respect for Air Sutil.

  2. seriously...that car is a disaster

  3. that was really interesting. thanks for the comparison.

  4. And to think that Sutil gets paid less than Alonso.
    Lifes just not fair sometimes is it?

  5. alonso way once in a minardi too....

    hopefully his time will come :)


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