August 25, 2007

Key Corners

Amazingly, there was something other than the standard inane banter said at today's post qualifying press conference, something of actual interest to drivers. It came from Kimi prodded by Peter Windsor.

This applies even to autocrossers*, it's the slow technical bits that will get you. A car will spend much more time in a slow corner than in a fast one so there is much more of an opportunity to really screw up your lap time. In Turkey it's turn 9-10 complex and the final 12-13-14 section. Especially true of turns 9-10 which immediately precede the longest straight on the track.

If you are going to the track this fall and want to learn more about line and technique, I can recommend two sources beside the more obvious textbooks:

Both are great starting points and have loads of info in easily digestible form.

Have fun at the track and keep saying to yourself..."what would Kimi do?"

* the US style autocross, not the euro offroad

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