August 23, 2007

Gag Rule

While most of the UK based press is simply reporting that Alonso and Hamilton skipped going to the track on the Thursday before the Turkish GP, only Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport goes a tad further and reveals a a strict keep your trap shut diktat from McLaren with regards to the only two topics anyone wants to write about: the Feud and the Scandal.

There is a lot to read between the lines in this clip, edited from a news feed of a Vodafone promotional event. To me, for having just returned from a holiday, Alonso does not look like a particularly happy man on the eve of his 100th GP start.

After a little karting demo, the press is instructed not to ask either of the questions they really want to ask. Telling is the exchange (volume is really low but you can hear it)between one of the team's handlers and the reporter from Tele5 Spain. The reporter is told Alonso will not be available because "this is the first chance that everybody has had to get together and they need to have this conversation within the team"...(!) . His pleas for anything juicy fall on deaf ears and we see Alonso answer some standard inane questions " Fernando, how do you like Turkey?"

But perhaps most telling is his body language at the end of the clip when on his way out he looks at the spanish journalists and shrugs... what do you think?

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