August 20, 2007

European Track Day Championship round 2: SPA

Let's visit with out friends at and a video from their recent outing at SPA. In the clip, some fun* between a Porsche 996 TT and a Z06 Corvette. According to their accounts, the Porsche is on Pirelli Corsas while the Z06 is on the stock run-flat tires.

The new Vette continues to impress even die hard euro car fans, obviously he gives up at the end of the clip likely because his tires have overheated, but the car is a beast.

Notice how despite no passing rules and lots of playing around*, there are no ball of flame exposions or collisions.... common sense and open eyes do the trick, well done boys and way to show those curbs at Eau Rouge who's boss!!

By the way, this is first look at the new Spa layout. No more "bus stop", now replaced with a very tight right-left onto the pit straight. The whole pit lane has been redone as well.

* having fun like this will 100% result in you getting kicked out of certain PCA track events because of the "we don't do sideways here" rule...


  1. I hear a warning tone from the ZO's dashboard at 3:15 and I'm trying to find out what it means.
    Also, did some of those turns appear to you like he had the stability control's Competition Mode engaged? The Delhpi stab control on that car is known as one of the "most liberal" systems in the world (as far as permitted slip angle), and this would sure prove it.

  2. He does slow down right after that and the bady language of the passenger suggests maybe it's good idea...


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