August 3, 2007


Sebastian Vettel will replace Scott Speed for the rest of the season at Scuderia Toro Rosso. Over team radio here is a short clip of Sebastian sharing his first impressions with team engineers. Very diplomatic and professional for a nineteen year old because the car sounds like it's just a bit of a handful right now.

The Hungarian GP will be on SpeedTV this week end.


  1. What's the story with Speed? Sick? Injured? Suspended? Terminated?

  2. I think that he should have kept away from the Raisin Bran...

  3. Speed. Lover's tiff:,18954,3213_2638500,00.html

    As for Vettell... My car understeers midcorner sometimes, just lift off a bit you bloody poof. These' F1 drivers getting engineers the pander to them, just deal with it. :)
    Only joking

    That and it's a couple of seconds slower than the front runners.


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