August 10, 2007

Alonso in, Todt out in 2008 at Ferrari

So the latest and greatest Formula 1 silly season rumor goes like this: according to El Periodico de Catalunya, Fernando Alonso is headed for Ferrari.

Wait you say, didn't Jean Todt say that Alonso will never drive a red car, at least as long as he's there?

Right, well the now rabidly anti Mclaren Spanish press has thought of everything: in 2008 Luca di Montezemolo would fire Todt to hire Alonso along with the whole heavyweight Spanish sponsorship (Banca Santander, Telefonica, Repsol etc.).

Always according to El Periodico, Todt's job would go to the returning Ross Brawn along with good old Schumacher, at the moment apparently not satisfied with his role within the Scuderia.

The Spanish daily concludes by offering that this "plan" would solve three problems now affecting the team: Todt's obsessions (not wanting Alonso on the team and presumably wearing sweaters in 100 degree heat). The position of Todt's son, NIcholas who is Massa's manager but also in charge of driver development, and Massa's inability to win the championship.

What do you's august and there are two more week ends of dead air to fill!

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  1. I would hope that Alonso gets his just desserts and rides the tricycle as in your poll! no, seriously I don´t know what to make of Jean Todt leaving Ferrari -if he does that would surely open up Alonso´s going to Ferrari debate.

    I would much rather see Alonso in a car which wasn´t really that top class and let him prove what he can really do, if anything. I mean the guy's been a very lucky in my opion and was given the chance of a lifetime at Renault when it was by far the best piece of kit on the grid and hence he wiped the floor with the competition and won 2 world championships. Now he´s in this years top team which happens to be Mclaren Mercedes and he´s got the yips because a boy wonder from nowhere is taking F1 by storm - enter Lewis Hamilton.

    I think he should have acted like a double world champion instead of being green with jelousy with a rookie nobody, well not so nobody now because he´s in the lead!

    Anyway if I happened to be a mechanic on Ron Dennis' team who could blame me if I dropped a packet of Tate & Lyle down his petrol tank? Come on I applore you!


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