July 15, 2007

New M3 not good enough for "the internets"!

Below is the first intelligent sum up of the new 2008 M3 I have seen, courtesy of Autocar.

Unbelievable is the amount of belly aching and whining I have been reading about this new car on message boards:
"First E92M3 test figures, dissapointing..."writes one noted poster complaining that one magazine clocked the M3 at a measly 4.4 sec 0-60.

Never mind that the quoted article goes on to say that "The surface wasn’t ideal, however, and we expect even better numbers once we get one to our usual test track." A good example of why reading internet message boards can make you stupid.

Lots of opinion seems to be given without any hard data....we like data.

Anyway, for some reasonable, intelligent opinion...


  1. Here is some data for you:

    3700 lbs curb weight.

    The M3 just got heavier than a mustang! What a great sports car!


  2. Well...let's see someone actually put it on a scale then we'll comment on the weight.
    Stee's e46 with full options, weighs in at under 3500lbs. I seriously doubt the new one will weigh 200lbs more especially considering the v8 engine is actually lighter then the s54!

    we'll see.

  3. Even assuming the worst, a 3,700lbs 420hp luxury car that seats 4 *is* a sweet car. It just seems more...M5 than M3 you know?

    Carbon fiber roof and lightweight engine and the reports are it got heavier? I guess the new 1 series will be what the 3 series used to be


  4. In a way yes, the 1 series will be what the 3 series used to be...except it will be a "better" car all around, More power, better handling and comfort. From all report I have seen the 1 series drives and feel very nice, but again...I'm not necessarily buying into press reviews...especially when they talk about "estimated weight". That's so lame.

  5. "From all reports [the M3] got heavier."

    -Did you make that up? Did you even watch the video above? Click it again, dude. The narrator specifically states that it "weighs about the same" as the E46 M3. Here are some facts: 1) The E92 unibody weighs less than the E46 unibody. 2) The new V8 weighs SIGNIFICANTLY less than the outgoing S54.
    Why can't people just be patient and wait for the facts... why do they have to make so many "internet guesses" ???

  6. No, he didn't make that up, Car&Driver made that up... it's in the article "estimated weight of 3700 lbs"! That is why I actually posted this Autocar review which to mee seems perfectly sensible and even handed.

  7. Someone just put this v8 in a Mz4 coupe and I promise not to complain =)

  8. Car & Driver are habitual offenders when it comes to synthetic news.

  9. Seriously....I guess calling M3's fat is the automotive equivalent of a Brittany Spears crotch shot?


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