July 22, 2007

Cultural Exchange

Where else but Formula 1 you would see a Spaniard and a Brazilian arguing in Italian?

Felipe Massa and Fernado Alonso had a small cultural exchange after today's race at the Nürburgring where Fernando put a fantastic move on the Ferrari driver.

As the RTL feed starts apparently Fernando had accused Massa of bumping him intentionally... (original expetives maintained to add color! I revidsed the translation a bit after finding a repeated listens, but the gist is the same)

Alonso:"too bad.."
Massa:"you think I did it intentionally?"
Alonso: "you wrecked my whole mirror..."
Massa: "ma va' cagare..." (go bleep yourself)...you win and you say somthing like that...sei un coglione (you're an idiot)
Alonso:"you did it intentionally, you cannot do that, I fought with Heidfeld and nothing happened you should learn..."
Massa: "you try to learn..."
Alonso "you try to learn...I have fought with the whole world and with you, we touch in the last three laps.."
Massa "Bravo" "yeah right, I did it intentionally, just like in Barcellona... bravo"

In the press conference Alonso apologizes to Massa for the accusation...I'm guessing it's not over though.


  1. That's GREAT!!!!
    i love it... no PR bullshit!
    I hope we go back to the days of real racing drivers!

    Nevertheless, I find it amusing how they curse each other in Italian and not Portunhol (Portugueese/Spanish blend) which is more natural to each.

  2. They both speak Italian quite well actually. I guess English is not necessarily the F1 language of choice evn though it's the "official" one....

    or maybe arguing just comes out better in Italian :o)

  3. massa's just mad cos he was promised several underage boys to him as a gift from the management over at teh FIA if he would have won.

    way to go alonso!


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