July 17, 2007


The European Formula 1 GP is coming up this week end, everyone remember 2005 and Kimi's suspension failure on the last lap?

Watch the sheer violence when the McLaren carbon fiber suspension finally gives way after being tortured by the huge vibrations caused by a flat spot earlier in the race. At the time the rule was that tires could not be changed during the race... good thing forthe wheel tethers rule. Partly because of this incident the tire rule was modified and then dropped.


  1. BALONEY! That was not "suspension failure," it was BRAIN FAILURE on Kimi's part! As I've been saying for 2 years, he should have come in for a new tire, I don't care how badly he wanted to win. Thankfully, the tether kept that wheel from hitting him in the face!

    Interesting side note- The car must have software to automatically engage the clutch in event of a spin, as he never had time to select neutral before letting go of the wheel, but you can hear the motor idling.

    Also, it's funny how his instincts kept him trying to countersteer for the first few seconds after the wheel departed company.

  2. Pffft. they were not changing tires that year, coming into the pits to change the 1 tire would have cost them not only the victory but the podium....McLaren went for the win, lost. that's Gilles racing as opposed to Alain Prost style calculation... Way to go Kimi and McLaren.

  3. Read this very carefully:
    ...if it would've cost them the win. It was within the rules to change 1 tire that has been damaged, which is what they should've done. This would've preserved a top-10 finish and avoided the stupid, death-defying DNF that actually occurred.
    McLaren and Kimi made the wrong decision. They are damn lucky nobody got hurt.

  4. Bean counter racing never did anything for me. It's bad enough that the scoring system can allow someone to be world champion without ever winning a race.
    While I'm not a fan of McLaren, their willingness to risk and not viewing the prospect of scoring "a 10 ten finish" as an acceptable result is what makes them one of the top teams in F1. (the other being Ferrari, Renault and Williams of course)

  5. Was that a backhanded shot at a specific 3rd place team???

    And, though apparently you haven't noticed, Williams has been anything but relentless in the past few years. IMO he should sell.

  6. you mean the Bavarian Boys in blue?


    Ferrari: 197 wins, 14 constructors titles, 3703 points

    McLaren: 152 wins, 8 constructor's titles, 3280 points

    Williams: 133 wins, 9 titles, 2525 points

    the next closest is Renault with 33 wins, 2 constructors, 956 points.

    Are you talking about the team with 0 wins, 0 titles, 0 pole positions and 0 best laps? I think BMW are doing well but have quite a bit left to go before they can be even considered in the same league. :o)

    And why should the old garagistes (as Enzo Ferrari used to refer to them ) sell?

  7. I didn't say anything about BMW. You did. If all you wanted to do was attack BMW, just make a separate post and do it! Otherwise, put your statistics in context, by mentioning that the BMW team is 2 years old and the other teams you mentioned are dinosaurs.

  8. Which 3rd place team were you referring to then?

    How was I "attacking BMW" ?

    If you call Ferrari, Mclaren and Renault dinosaurs...I think you are getting irrational.

    Williams...eh, you might have a point there.


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