July 19, 2007

Axis week end plans...

Stee, Adil and CG will be at Pocono Raceway doing PDA'a super week end running on all the different infield configurations. If you are going stop by and say hi, arrange to get on their video cameras...give then hell...whatever!


  1. I completely missed the boat on this one... its only 30 min from my house!

    I'll be in my garage repairing my suspension failure from the glen 2 weeks ago. It should be 2" lower and 5x stiffer when it rolls out again for WV. Any of you fine gentlemen heading down to Summit Point next weekend for the NJ CCA DE & Club Racing event?

  2. I'm not sure...I have some door donuts to take care of in the next few weeks...


  3. Walter- You never mentioned a suspension failure at the Glen... what happened?

    I am not going to the SPR event with NJ. In fact, it may be mid-August before I hit the track again at all.

  4. While you were riding along we were going flat up the esses with no left rear damper. Consider it revenge for that death ride you gave me in LaBomba with broken sways and a blown diff :D

    IAC, since I HAD to buy one new damper I figured it was time to stiffen things a little. Our friend with the purple race car had a perfectly good GC suspension lying on his garage floor because another backmarker told him it wasn't good enough for the big leagues of BMW CR. As they say, one man's garbage...


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