July 27, 2007

Axis of Oversteer launches new service.

Axis of Oversteer will torture test your car to verify part durability and failure rates. CG and Adil got started this past week end during PDA's "Grand Slam Weekend" at Pocono Raceway. PDA ran all configurations of the track during the two days and with two drivers, the Exige-S was tested to the limit running the equivalent of 3 one hour enduros. Final tally: a popped off radiator hose and a cracked rotor car had to flatbedded home but it DID complete the day.

After a quick repair at Hunting Ridge Motors, the car was loaded onto a transporter and shipped to VIR where CG, on his first time at that track managed a very impressive 2:13 lap time.

He also got lap data from Matt Becker, chief engineer test driver for suspension development at Lotus. We will have a separate post on that later, suffice it to say that it was QUITE impressive.

After two days at VIR the car is driven to DC where it will again wait for CG to complete his TRI-TRACKTHLON at Lime Rock this next Saturday and Sunday with PCA.

OK Lotus, no charge for this one, but from now on...


  1. Do you guys have jobs? Do you have wives? Gainful employment seems to hinder my quest for a tri-trackthlon weeks, as does child reering duties and the desire to celebrate another anniversary. 3 days at Mosport, and I'm off for the rest of the month - less the above status be altered.

    Once more - living vicariusly through your abundant tracktime.

    Fellow tracktard,

  2. 1 Job, 1 wife, 3 kids.
    It can all be done with a tight schedule, technology and multitasking, and most importanly a great wife and control over the agenda of your job.
    I actually do work from the track from the comfort of a proper office: Largest car with an AC: lately Adil's EVO. Long conference calls are a breeze and some tracks have WiFi, but I still carry my own wireless Internet card.
    On weekends, I usually take one of my kids or two if I take the 997S (I don't two day weekend events anymore).
    Needless to say the last month has been insane, so will take August-September off from track duty.

  3. the name is Bond, Carlos Bond...



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