June 17, 2007

A track-tard's checklist

I'm actually writing this to myself. Perhaps this will help my feeble mind to remember half of the items I will need to gather for the next 7 days, 2 of which will be spent travelling and 4 driving at the track.

SO what do I need to bring?


tires...Kumho v710 still have plenty of rubber on them.

brakes...check, or favorite brake specialists at Off Camber Motorsport set me up with a spare set of Performance Friction PF97 (apparently there is a shortage of PF01 at the moment)

Helmet, gloves, neck roll thingy (for instructing)

Aluminium jack and assorted tools, screws, sockets allen keys, torx bits, spare wheel nuts, spare studs, breaker bar, lubricants, lock-tite.... zip ties, flashlight, scary knife, all that junk

Cordless impact gun and charger

extra Motul Brake fluid, extra Castrol RS 10W60 for the S54.

Glass cleaner and microfibers, some car cleaner to get the rubber boogers off.

Traqmate...updated to latest firmware (1.30)

MiniDV video camera+tapes+ microphone. My MicroDVR and my collection of cheap security cams to stick in unlikely places on the car.

New entry: ChaseCam PDR100 and (finally) a good external camera. this system will be tied and controlled via the Traqmate (traqcam).

Ipod sorted and refreshed for the ride, phone charger, bluetooth GPS thingy for my blackberry....

Axis stickers...

I'm sure there is more....

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