June 13, 2007

Funky hood hump behind Sabine's pub

Ed Healey was CG's and my first guide to the Nürburgring, he was brave enough to ride with us as total ring-noobs...in the rain...in a scary car.
Anyway, Ed sent us these shots of a e92 M3, brakes no doubt still hot, parked behind the Sabine's old pub.
Like the black wheels, love the funky hood hump, this M3 is going to be another monster hit for BMW.
OK now, BMW make me happy: drop that v8 into a Z4M Coupé add a carbon roof and a semi-auto shifter and make one of the world's best track cars. That would be 100% Axis Approved!!!


  1. Wait a minute... Say it ain't so! Do I spy a cup holder in use by a German?????????????

    Zis is not possible!

  2. There's actually beer in the diet coke can....


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