June 1, 2007

BMW M5, casually autocrossed by instructor Harold, 22 April 2007 by badbadM.

Read about the BMW M5 here.

AC adds:

Too bad BMW missed the boat and doesn't export the one REALLY cool M5... And don't even get me started with Audi not bringing RS4 and S and or RS6 wagons over.



  1. I think Audi is frightened because they know starting a "wagon war" in the US market would be a huge mistake for them. People would much rather drive rwd wagons than awd wagons.

  2. A wangon war?? LOL
    Audi has had the only performance wagons in the US market, S4 and S6s, BMW had e36 325...

    Audi invented the ├╝ber Sport wagon market in europe, it is BMW who is trying to have a presence with the m5 wagon but RS6 and RS6 plus ruled the last generation. That was the cool dude's estate car.

    What is stupid is for Audi not to figure out that they are giving up what makes them special...
    but, whatever.

  3. There was never an E36 wagon here. E46 and E91, yes.

    Methinks you are over-estimating the cool factor of Audi's wagon. They just don't carry that much gravity here in the US.

    Anyways, I wasn't commenting about "cool dude's estate cars," I was simply stating that people know that a balanced BMW wagon will always be more fun than an unbalanced Audi wagon.

  4. e 46 325...my bad.

    I think people prefer driving a wagon with a little motivation like the RS2, RS4, RS6.... but what do Europeans know about cars anyway.

  5. I'm also a huge fan of wagons. If they had the M5 Touring, I'd be all over it. I think there's nothing cooler than to smoke some sports car with a 5 door wagon.

    I've got the next best thing, a big heavy 4 door capable of carrying 5 people in super comfort.

  6. We had some pictures of Harold's car

  7. My curmudgeonly friend Chandelier proudly owns one of these. I have not ridden in it because I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder, and Chandelier complains that the car’s rough-and-tumble ride “quality” hurts his arthritic hips and joints. At low speeds, the car sounds like a lawn mower with a pie pan caught in its blade. At high speeds, it sounds like a blender on the puree setting. It’s kinda hot lookin’, though, I guess, by current standards from BMW news
    . Plus, it costs $100K and gets less than 10 mpg, so you have that cachet–whatever it’s worth


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