May 26, 2007

Who said they don't drift?

Who ever said F1 cars don't slide anymore was clearly not looking fast enough... yeah because you can barely see it at regular speed on tv.

Take a look at the number Lewis Hamilton does at the entrance of the swimming pool complex in Monaco on his last qualifying lap.
It is just like the driving from 20+years ago, in the era of small front wheels and huge rear wheels when cars had to be tossed into corners and powered out sliding on their rear tires. Drivers regularly took this same turn by aiming the nose at the wall 6 feet before the apex. What a treat it is to see it in a modern F1 car.
Of course it's not the fast way and Alonso driving a brilliant lap gets pole by a good margin but what a show! I encourage you to look at that turn frame by frame.

Ferrari must resolve their troubled relationship with the Rascasse corner...last year Michel, this year Kimi parked there. C'mon guys, the food's not that good at that restaurant!

Massa did manage a third and maybe Ferrari will get rain at the right time Sunday.
You might also see how much the Ferrari is understeering, do a frame by frame of the same turn Hamilton oversteers on and see how early Massa has to turn in to make the corner.

The clip will probably not stream so you might be better off right/option click to download.



  1. I did too notice the amazing drift during the transmision... It remind me of Massa in his Sauber years, when he was fast but drifty, achieving few good results...

  2. The guy sure has some feel...tomorrow will be interesting


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