May 24, 2007

A symphony in B

The Axis featured a few mechanical symphonies before however this one comes to us via Axis reader Tom Schreuder from Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

We touched on the mythical group B cars before but these videos, as Tom points out, are especially cool as they are devoid of any of the usual lame techno or death metal music that tends to accompany similar montages. They are pure mechanical sound.... oh yeah and people's screams. Not having music somehow brings into sharper focus the collective insanity of rally spectators, essentially a mechanized and more dangerous version of the Pamplona running of the bulls, nuts.

All the Group B stars are in the video, the Audi Quattro, The Lancias 037 and Delta S4, the Renault 5 turbo, Peugeot 205t16, the Rover Metro 6R4 and the Ford RS200, even the Porsche 959 makes a brief appearance in act one.

Thanks Tom.

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